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  • What is HOLOBOX Experience?
    HOLOBOX Experience is a multinational company that develops hologram projectors with reflection techniques and holographic content, to generate virtual images that float in the air. Acting since 2015 in Brazil, and since 2023 in UAE, we have experience to develop and manage projects of great visual impact for different market segments.
  • What can be displayed on HOLOBOX hologram projectors?
    Building models, electronic products, retail advertising... the possibilities are endless. Our hologram projectors work like any media device, with one big difference: it attracts a lot of attention.
  • Is it possible to make holograms of live people for lectures or meetings?
    Yes! HOLOBOX XL can display live or pre-recorded holograms of people, even if they are in another country, allowing lectures and meetings to be held in a much more immersive way than traditional video calls.
  • What is the Holobox XL
    The Holobox XL is a hologram projector designed to display life-size people. It is ideal for being placed on stage for large audiences, commercial attendance systems or showrooms. It features our online lecture system, where the speaker can be anywhere in the world and be displayed on the Holobox XL.
  • What is the HOLOBOX Diamond?
    The Holobox Diamond is our hologram projector aimed at fairs, events and showrooms that need to attract the audience's attention with content rich in information and possibilities of use. Some of our main projects are aimed at the real estate sector, where holographic models show the entire project, from the external to the internal areas, with much more information than a traditional physical model (and at a more affordable price).
  • What is the Metaverse Gate?
    Metaverse Gate is an immersive environment made with mapped projection and spatial sound, aimed at simulating real or virtual environments, creating different possibilities for use in industry, education projects, promoting brands and products, etc.
  • What are the applications for using Metaverse Gate (immersive environments)?
    The possibilities are practically endless. Industrial environments can be simulated, to make decisions about installing machinery and optimizing the production line, or even training people for risky environments. Another application is for teaching environments, such as schools and colleges. Immersive classes can add a lot to teaching traditional content.

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