Bring your heroes to life!

Give life to your action figures with ultra realistic holograms. Only with Holobox you can download, save and change the holograms whenever you want.

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If the real world is not enough, so the Holobox is for you!

Holobox is a stage where inanimate figures come to life. The Holobox is an interactive hologram projector that creates virtual images around real objects, making possible a unique experience.

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Realistic holograms displayed before your eyes!

Holograms that interact with your hero, matching him with the magic of mixed reality. Exclusive content for different characters.

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Ash & Pikachu

Elevate your experience to another universe

Holograms designed on your action figure will expand your experience to levels you’ve never seen before.

Goku - Dragon Ball

Release the power of your hero

You can have fun and watch this scene in real life thanks to the special effects created through our hologram.



Bring your collectibles to life

Our holograms are specially designed for pop culture fans, because we believe that the emotional connection between fans and their heroes is something extraordinary!



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