Give life to your imagination

Holobox Slim

Holobox Slim have ultra realistic holograms created according to the universe of each character it is inserted, giving power to your hero!

1 Holobox Slim
+ 1 Goku action figure
+ Goku hologram
+ X Northern Lights hologram
+ X Bubbles hologram
+ X Fireplace hologram

US$ 999.90

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Holobox Slim with Sasuke Hologram

The real world is not enough

Have a brand new experience watching your hero releasing its power! You can change your character and download new holograms to increase even more your Holobox and give life to your Action Figure.

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Design and Technology


This is your chance to have a unique hologram display with an experience you have never seen!


A hologram projector lightweight and easy to carry, which can be taken to anywhere you want. Holobox Slim offers an increasingly real connection to the virtual world. A number of possibilities in just one product!

Several Holograms

We have a several holograms available for characters from diverse pop culture franchises that adapt on your hero! And our list of holograms will continue to grow.

Ultra realistic holograms

Give power to your Action Figures, trough the ultra realistic holograms created according to the universe in which each character it’s inserted.

Immersive Experience

Dynamic RGB lighting system to your enhance immersion and have an awesome experience!


With Holobox Slim you can download, save and change the holograms on your holograms library. Have a hologram experience in your home anyway you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Holobox?

The Holobox Slim is an incredible hologram projector that will bring your imagination to life.

It works by creating reflection-based virtual images that interact with action figures inserted inside the Holobox. Combined with a dynamic light system our holograms make your heroes unleash all their powers in a fantastic experience!

What is the size?

The Holobx Slim is compact: 9 x 11 x 13,7 inches and 7 lb.

Which are the holograms available for the Holobox Slim?

Holobox Slim currently has 12 unique holograms options, which are compatible with various action figures. When you buy a Holobox Slim, you get one hologram, which you choose from our available options. It is possible to purchase more holograms in our store with prices starting at US$ 4.99.

  • Ash & Pikachu (escala 1/10) – Pokemon – Thunder Strike
  • Elsa (escala 1/10) – Frozen – Snow Powers
  • Goku Bandai (escala 1/10) – Dragon Ball – Kamehameha
  • Goku Funko – Dragon Ball – SSJ I e II Ki
  • R2D2 & C3PO (escala 1/10) – Star Wars – Death Star Plans
  • Raiden (escala 1/10) – Mortal Kombat – Thunder God
  • Saber (escala 1/10) – Fate / Stay Night – Excalibur
  • Sasuke (escala 1/10) – Naruto – Chidori
  • Seiya of Pegasus (escala 1/10) – Saint Seiya – Pegasus Meteor
  • Thor (escala 1/10) – MARVEL – God of Thunder
  • Vegeta Bandai (escala 1/10) – Dragon Ball – Final Flash
  • Vegeta Scouter Bandai (escala 1/10) – Dragon Ball – Ki
  • Bubbles
  • Northern Lights
  • Fireplace

We may include more compatibles characters in the future. You can help us sending to our team, onour site or on social medias, which character you would like to see releasing its power on Holobox Slim!

How do I get new holograms and updates?

You can buy more holograms directly from the Holobox Slim app. Holograms prices starts at $ 14.99 each.

Does the Holobox Slim comes with some action figure?

Yes! Only in this pre-order, when buying a Holobox Slim you get an original action figure and an exclusive hologram. You can choose from our available options.

How is the shipping and customs process?

The shipping prices can be calculated in our website when purchasing your product. The estimated shipping time it will be calculated before you finalize the purchase. It is also important to remember that the customs duties may be charged depending on your country.

What comes inside the Holobox Slim package?

1 Holobox Slim (Hologram Projector);
1 Tablet with the Holobox Slim operating system;
1 Energy cable;
1 action figures chosen by the buyer at the purchasing moment;
Holobox Slim Manual.

How can I get action figures that work with the Holobox Slim?

You can buy through our website at the moment you are buying your Holobox Slim, or at collectible stores, pop culture stores etc. We don’t sell the action figure separated.

If you have not found the answer to your question in the list, please submit it using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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