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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Holobox developed an exclusive and personalized hologram on the coffee process, from land to final consumption, for the FAEMG stand, at SIC 2021.



The FAEMG SYSTEM (Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of Minas Gerais-Brazil) represents rural producers throughout the state.


Create a differentiated experience for visitors to the FAEMG stand, at SIC 2021. In addition, show the presence of FAEMG throughout the coffee production chain.

Holobox Diamond at the Faemg stand, at SIC 2021.


It is not a simple task to stand out in a big event, where the attention of the visitors is disputed with a lot of competition.

Visitor of SIC 2021, at the Faemg stand, filming the exclusive hologram.

Therefore, we seek options among new technologies to expose relevant content, which are equally attractive and informative to the public.


Some of the available technologies — when used well — can expand the physical space to the virtual universe. This type of approach brings a range of possibilities, which can make visitors' experience unforgettable.

Hologram of the "Tasting" stage.

To this end, we used Holobox Diamond to tell the evolution of coffee, through a holographic narrative. This innovative technology has the effect of attracting the attention of the public, serving as a “hook” for the stand. In addition, this model of hologram projector allows the content to be viewed from 4 sides, which serves very well at fairs.


We developed a simple but captivating narrative about the coffee journey with FAEMG's participation in this process. Above all, coffee was the guiding thread of our narrative, transforming itself at each stage and connecting the crop, to the final product that is served to the consumer.

3D holographic animation of coffee harvest.

Subsequently, we developed custom 3D elements, which SIC's audience could quickly identify as something present in the history of coffee, such as Arabica coffee plants, harvesting tools, drying, coffee roasting, among others.


The Holobox Diamond was the stand's main attraction, as we demonstrated, in an infographic and objective way, the entire process that the coffee goes through, making it easy to understand and visually pleasant. Check out the images of the Holobox Diamond, at the Faemg stand, for SIC 2021 below:

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