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1 Holobox One
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Our holograms Projector are really cool

We are not the only ones who find this. You can know the quality of our work said directly by those who understand more about technology, games and pop culture.


The ideal platform for holograms

The Holobox was built to exploit the maximum potential of holograms. High resolution images, dynamic LED lighting and volumetric sound united to create a new reality.

Images high resolution

Detailed and realistic holograms

Volumetric sound system

Feel the sound coming from the object and it surrondings

Dynamic RGB lighting system

Makes holograms integrate into objects


Store dozens of holograms

Holograms exchange

Various holograms for you to choose

IR control

Control the Holobox by remote control

Operational system

Holograms exchange functions, sound and lighting control

modern design

 The perfect combination between beauty and durability

Easy access compartment

Easy access to the inside of the Holobox to change the object when you want


Tech Specs


Frequently Asked Questions

01 – What is the Holobox?

The Holobox is the most fantastic hologram projector in the world! It is based on the reflection of images and causes their projections to float in the air around physical objects. Combined with a dynamic lighting and volumetric sound system, the user has the perception of sound effects coming directly from the inner chamber and around the Holobox, creating an incredible immersion!

02 – How does the Holobox work?

Simply place your action figure inside the projector and choose the corresponding hologram with the remote control that comes with your Holobox. After adjusting the position of the character, press play and see the powers appear holographically.

03 – What are the holograms pre-installed on the Holobox?

The Holobox comes with 15 fantastic holograms pre-installed! They are compatible with the action figures below:

Dragon Ball – Goku (scale 1/10)
Dragon Ball – Vegeta Blue (scale 1/10)
Dragon Ball – Vegeta Scouter
Frozen – Elsa (scale 1/10)
Marvel – Thor (scale 1/10)
Mortal Kombat – Raiden (scale 1/10)
Naruto – Sasuke (scale 1/10)
Pokemon – Ash & Pikachu (scale 1/10)
Saint Seiya – Seiya of Pegasus (scale 1/10)
Saint Seiya – Shaka of Virgin God (scale 1/10)
Star Wars – R2D2 & C3PO (scale 1/10)
Street Figther – Ryu (SF – IV) (scale 1/8)
Fate/Stay Night – Saber (scale 1/10)
Marvel/Disney – Thanos (scale 1/8)
Extra – Bubble
Extra – Northern Lights
Extra – Fireplace

04 – Does the Holobox come with some action figure?

No. The Holobox comes with 15 pre-installed holograms. Action figures must be purchased separately.

05 – How can I get action figures that work with the Holobox?

There are several stores in several countries, where you can purchase the actions. There are also virtual stores like Amazon and e-bay with a good availability of action figures. You can also contact us and we will do our best to help you with your purchase.

06 – What’s inside the Holobox box?

Hologram projector (Holobox), remote control, power cable, prism cleaning cloth and object holder.

07 – When will be next sales time?

Next sales time will happen after the delivery of the first batch of Holobox, expected to the end of June / 2018.

If you have not found the answer to your question in the list, please submit it using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.